Rodent Control Baton Rouge: Tips to Protect Your Home


Rodent Control Baton Rouge: Tips to Protect Your Home

Our homes are our castles. We create memories in them, live our lives in them, and raise families in them. Unfortunately, we’re not always the only creatures trying to live in them—occasionally, rodents will move in as well. Lackluster rodent control in Baton Rouge is a common problem, and with these helpful tips, you can help protect your Baton Rouge home from mice, rats, and other rodents.

Rodent Control Baton Rouge: Where to Start

Proper rodent control is an art. The first step in rodent control is to find the potential entry points in your home. Rodents, especially mice, squeeze into even the smallest holes in your home in order to gain entry. But once they’re in, they’re extremely difficult to get rid of. This is part of a process called exclusion. If you’ve tried controlling mice or rats with baits or traps in the past with no luck—this is why. By sealing off all of the entry points to your home, you’re preventing new rodents from coming in. Also, you’re stopping existing rodents from leaving and coming back with supplies.

Keep these places in mind when sealing up your home:

  • Around windows and doors.
  • Corners of your home, floor, and wall junctures.
  • Loose siding and holes in the foundation.
  • Around holes for electrical, plumbing, and gas lines.

However, if you’re still having issues, it might be ideal to call in a professional.

Bait and Trap

Once you’ve properly sealed your home, you can begin the baiting and trapping process. Trapping is an extremely effective method that has been used for hundreds of years because it works. 

When setting a trap, ensure the food you’re using as bait attracts mice or rats. Keep in mind that traps for mice are not strong enough to contain rats, so make sure you’ve properly identified your rodents. Once you’ve baited to your traps, you need to regularly check them to dispose of any caught rodents, then reset them. Leaving rodents to decompose doesn’t just bring bad smells, but can give you yet another bad infestation.

Baiting is also an effective method for eliminating rodent problems but does come with a couple of downsides. Once your home is sealed, any animals that consume these baits will be sealed in, meaning they could die in inaccessible areas of your home. For this reason, baits are best outside of the home to keep rodents at bay, while traps are for inside. Additionally, baits come with a risk of exposing pets and small children to potentially dangerous chemicals. So when you use baits, it’s best to make sure they’re placed in areas that cannot be accessed. As professionals, we know when it’s safe for kids and pets to come around again. So if this is a concern to you, be sure to give us a call for help.

Regularly Monitor and Protect Your Home

Getting rid of a rodent problem takes time. This is why many people ultimately fail to completely get rid of the problem. With the right dedication and knowledge, you can eliminate your rodent problems and take back your home. Unfortunately, constantly baiting and monitoring traps and sealing up your home isn’t appealing to most people. This is why most people will choose to hire a professional rodent control company.

Pros have the tools and experience to know what to look for and how to prevent infestations. They are trained to identify and seal entry points that most people would overlook. They also know which types of control methods work best based on your rodent issues. So when you’re dealing with a rodent control problem, it’s best to call the experts.

Call The Experts for Rodent Control Baton Rouge

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