The Rodent Control Company Baton Rouge Relies On


The Rodent Control Company Baton Rouge Relies On

Picture this! It’s late at night and you’re relaxing in bed with the lights out, ready to drift off to sleep. Suddenly, you hear something that makes you sit up—wide awake. There are faint sounds of scratching coming from somewhere close by. You listen closely to discover that the sounds—and whatever is making them—are coming from inside your walls. If you’ve been in this terrible situation, you know how unnerving and invasive it can feel. That’s when it’s time to call the professionals at Arceneaux Pest Management Service, the rodent control company Baton Rouge trusts. And time is of the essence. Because if you hear one rat or mouse clawing at your walls, chances are plenty more will be making their way into your home—if they aren’t there already.

Learn about the signs of rodent infestation as well as the risks these creepy critters can bring. And find out how pest control professionals can help you eliminate your rodent problem and sleep easier again.

Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When rodents have invaded your home, they’ll let you know about it. One tell-tale sign is the skin-crawling sound of scratching coming from inside your walls. Another might be the lovely little presents they leave all around your home once they’ve made it into the interior. 

And then there’s the chilling discovery of bite marks in food containers and in the wires hooked up to your electronics. Or maybe even holes you’ve never seen before showing up in your walls. Each of these signs can be an indicator of an infestation.

Rodent Risks You’ll Want to Avoid

In addition to just being gross, random rodents can also cause a lot of serious problems inside your home. They can do real damage to the walls as well as your electronics, and their droppings can make your place unsanitary. Additionally, these pests and their droppings sometimes carry diseases and parasites, threatening the health of you and your family members (including pets). Also, if one dies inside of your walls, it can leave an unbearable stench that lasts a very long time. And this can lead to even more infestation issues from pests attracted to the smell.

How a Rodent Control Company Helps Baton Rouge Homes

At Arceneaux, we understand the many problems rodents can cause for homeowners. Beyond the stress of having uninvited guests in your home, they can also be hazardous and destructive. And they’re pretty intelligent, which makes it hard for most people to find the right approach for removal. 

This is why our pest control experts use a combination of glue boards, baits, mechanical traps, and exclusion techniques. This multi-pronged approach can take care of the rodents that are already inside your home. And it can potentially prevent new ones from finding their way in, too.

If you think there are rats or mice in your home, don’t wait another minute to get the help you need. Call us at 225-791-9911 or fill out our contact form to get a quote. You don’t have to share your home with rodents. Let the professionals at Arceneaux help you get rid of your pest problem.

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