A Termite Inspection Can Save You Thousands

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A Termite Inspection Can Save You Thousands

In Southern Louisiana, there is pretty much no excuse to ignore the possibility of termite damage.  Estimates are that in Louisiana, termites account for $500 million worth of damage on an annual basis. You ignore such big numbers at your own risk and you could soon be part of that number if you’ve never had a termite inspection.

Why Should I Have A Termite Inspection?

Why should you get a termite inspection? For one, your home could currently be getting eaten by these little bugs and you would have no idea. Many people think that they will see evidence of termites, and certainly sometimes this is true, but ultimately termites are very adept at finding places which are unexposed. That means they could be doing thousands of dollars worth of damage without you ever seeing one speck of evidence.

Free Termite Inspection

We understand that people might be reticent to order a termite inspection, having never seen any damage. That’s understandable. That is why Arceneaux Pest offers a free termite inspection in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, and surrounding communities. We’re happy to do this because it is a good opportunity for us to start a relationship with home and property owners. If they do have termites, we’re happy to help them catch it quickly.

Why Work With Arceneaux?

Arceneaux Pest is a local company that cares how your home is doing. We don’t want to find damage, but we often do. If we do not find damage, we will suggest a way to keep damage from ever occurring via preventative termite treatments. Arceneaux Pest will send a technician out at no charge to you and with no pressure to buy a preventative termite contract. We just want home and property owners to be informed. Thanks for considering working with Arceneaux Pest, and keep an eye out for all those critters! Contact us today!

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