Insure Your Home With A Termite Warranty

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Insure Your Home With A Termite Warranty

Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t protect against termite damage. You’re protected against fires and, especially after recent years, the horrors of flooding. But if termites attack your home, you’ll be paying for repairs out-of-pocket. This is scary considering termites are responsible for hundreds of millions in damage in Louisiana every year. Can you afford to NOT protect your home? A termite warranty can help with this, whether you live in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Walker, Prairieville, or anywhere else in the area.

The Damage is Real

Considering termites, the first thing people think of is wood. It is indeed true that termites eat wood. Infestations attack wood beams and columns to deteriorate a home’s structural integrity. They can do enough damage to compromise the safety of inhabitants and render a home unlivable. This is all-too-real of an outcome for homeowners in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Even if your home is not primarily made of wood, you should still be vigilant. Termites can travel through metal siding and plaster to come inside your home. They make meals of floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, even your wood furniture. Taking steps to protect your home from termites, and guarantee against the damage they cause, can give you peace of mind.

Termite Warranty As Insurance  

A good pest control company offers long-term termite protection for your home. In south Louisiana, Arceneaux Pest Control has streamlined termite options for homeowners. Service starts with an initial inspection—which is free! An experienced team checks your property for existing termites and assesses any damage. We’ll also determine if your home qualifies for our damage warranty. The first service is performed to lay the groundwork for termite protection.  Enrolling in a termite contract includes annual termite inspections and treatments—and our termite damage warranty.

The Arceneaux Difference

Legally, all pest control companies have to guarantee their service against live termites for a calendar year. Arceneaux Pest Control takes it a step further, guaranteeing qualified homes against damage—up to a million dollars! Our thirty years of termite experience has honed top-shelf inspection, extermination, and protection skills. We’re locals, so we’ve gone through the same process ourselves. Year after year, we look at our own homes in Denham Springs and surrounding areas for damage. We’ll treat your home the same.

Your home—and your family’s financial security—is too important to leave to chance. Join our hundreds of satisfied and termite-free customers. Call us at (225) 791-9911 or fill out our convenient online form today. Get a quote, schedule an inspection, and start the path towards a termite warranty.

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