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Your Official Guide To The 2019 Termite Season in Louisiana

Termite Inspections, Termites

Your Official Guide To The 2019 Termite Season in Louisiana

The 2019 termite season is rapidly approaching. You should be prepared for what that means. We get a lot of people asking informational questions. We understand why! Arceneaux Pest was founded by a Certified Entomologist. Louisiana has only ten such experts, and our founder is one.

As experts in termites, termite inspections, termite treatments, and other forms of pest control, we’re accustomed to handling these sorts of requests and we’re happy to answer them.

Guide to the 2019 Termite Season in Louisiana

When Does It Start?

The 2019 Termite Season is here. In South Louisiana, especially New Orleans and the Baton Rouge area, this means we’ll begin seeing swarming from Late March through July. During this period, it will become increasingly common to see flying termites and swarms. This does not necessarily mean you have termites. It could simply mean you are near a nesting area. However, if you’re seeing the swarming termites, it does mean they are in the area and eating wood.

Why Should I Care?

If you own a home or other property, then the prospect of damage should scare you. Termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage each year in the Baton Rouge area and could cost you thousands if left unattended.

What Should I Look For?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s hard to determine whether you need a professional’s help during termite season.

Look for Damage. Look for soft wood or even wood that looks rotting, inside or around your home. If you find buckling wood, wood with holes in it, etc, with no clear explanation, this could be a sign of termite damage.

Look for Evidence. Termites build infrastructure wherever they go. They use small mud tunnels (thin, packed, dirt trails along the foundation of your home, along the bricks, etc) to travel and search for food. They also build mounds, which are the more obvious evidence of their presence.

Don’t Be Alarmed. We’ve seen all kinds of termite situations, from the most proactive to “you should’ve called us a long time ago”. In all of those cases, being alarmed or stressed out did not help. It only adds problems to your situation, and you don’t need that. Just because you’ve found damage, evidence, or termites themselves does not mean that you have thousands worth of damage.

Be Proactive. One thing you can do to avoid attracting termites is to keep your exterior and interior lights off until you need them at night. Lights attract termites from a decent distance, so as much as possible you want to avoid this.

Contact A Termite Company

Don’t want to look, be proactive, or get alarmed? We hear you. Arceneaux Pest offers a free termite inspection to customers in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, Walker, Watson, and the surrounding communities.

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