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Your Official Guide To The 2021 Termite Season in Louisiana

Termite Inspections, Termites

Your Official Guide To The 2021 Termite Season in Louisiana


Do you know when termite season is? You should know that the 2021 termite season is here! While Louisianians are known for being friendly to our guests, friends, and even strangers—there is one visitor that doesn’t deserve our Southern hospitality: TERMITES. These tiny critters can cause a real amount of damage. But how do they get in? Why do they have a season? We get a lot of people asking informational questions. We understand why! Arceneaux Pest was founded by a Certified Entomologist. Louisiana has only 10 of these experts, so we’re proud that our founder is one.

As experts in termites, termite inspections, termite treatments, and other forms of pest control, we’re accustomed to handling these sorts of requests, and we’re happy to answer them. That’s why we’re here to help you prepare with our 2021 Official Guide to Termite Season.

Guide to the 2021 Termite Season in Louisiana

When Does It Start?

Although 2020 postponed and shut down many things, termites weren’t one of them, unfortunately. And with our warm, rich Louisiana weather, termites are in heaven here. They thrive in warm, moist environments (if that isn’t a typical Louisiana summer, we don’t know what is). In South Louisiana, especially New Orleans and the Baton Rouge area, this means we’ll begin seeing swarming from late March through July—just in time for hurricane season. During this period, it will become increasingly common to see flying termites and swarms. Or even perhaps waking up to them all over the ground or some in the vents. But remember, seeing swarms does not necessarily mean you have termites. It could simply mean you are near a nesting area. However, seeing swarming termites does mean they are in the area and eating wood. So when you see these critters, it’s important to have a plan in place to protect your property. 

Why Should I Care?

If you’re a homeowner or own another piece of property, it’s common to fear the idea of property damage. And if it doesn’t scare you, it should. This investment of yours could seriously suffer at the hands of something as small as termites if you aren’t careful. But with regular termite control, you could save thousands of dollars in the future. It’s best to avoid cutting corners in this situation. 

But how much is this potential damage? Termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage each year in the Baton Rouge area and could cost you thousands if left unattended. In fact, according to a study from the LSU AgCenter, termites affect Louisiana more than any other state. They’re capable of doing more than $500 million a year in damage! Are you willing to take that risk? Protect your home today with Arceneaux.

What Should I Look For?

Do you know where to start? No? Our professionals are here to help. Be aware of the following to get a better understanding of your current situation. 

  • Look for Damage. Soft wood or even rotting wood in and around the home is a huge indicator of something gone wrong. If you find buckling wood, wood with holes in it, etc. with no clear explanation, this could be a sign of termite damage.
  • Look for Evidence. Termites build infrastructure wherever they go. They use small mud tunnels (thin, packed, dirt trails along the foundation of your home, along the bricks, etc.) to travel and search for food. They also build mounds, which are the more obvious evidence of their presence. While these can be difficult to find, if you do find any, it’s a HUGE step in eradicating them.
  • Don’t Be Alarmed. We’ve seen all kinds of termite situations, from the most proactive to “you should’ve called us a long time ago.” In all of those cases, being alarmed or stressed out did not help. It only adds problems to your situation, and you don’t need that. Just because you’ve found damage, evidence, or termites themselves does not mean that you have thousands worth of damage.
  • Be Proactive. One thing you can do to avoid attracting swarming termites is to keep your exterior and interior lights off until you need them at night. Lights attract swarming termites from a decent distance, so as much as possible, you want to avoid this.

Termite Inspection, Treatment, and Equipment

Our professionals are here to help you make sure your home is safe. We begin every termite service with an inspection of your home and property. By looking for any signs of termites or damage, we can get a good idea of the current situation. Specific treatments and equipment are used to address specific termite species and infestations. If your home is all in the clear, then we want to keep it that way! Our professionals then go over the next steps and a prevention plan to ensure you stay bug-free.

Termite Warranty

We’re so confident in our termite control, we provide a home termite warranty for homes that qualify. Did you know that your home insurance policy doesn’t cover termite damage? Bogus, right? To help give you more peace of mind, we offer a yearly termite control service that you can make use of. We even take that further and guarantee your home against damage up to one million dollars. You have enough to worry about, we’ll handle the termite control.

Contact A Termite Company

For more than 15 years, Arceneaux Pest Management Services has been a leader in Louisiana pest control. Our thousands of customers appreciate our customer service, friendly staff, and guaranteed results. We offer a free termite inspection to customers in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, Walker, Watson, and the surrounding communities. Get in touch or get a quote to see if we’re the right termite control company for you. We hope our 2021 Official Termite Guide has helped you prepare your home for these pests!

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