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The 2019 Official Guide to Termite Season in Louisiana


The 2019 Official Guide to Termite Season in Louisiana

Louisianians are known for being friendly to our guests, friends, and even strangers. But one visitor definitely doesn’t deserve our Southern hospitality: TERMITES. These tiny bugs strike fear in the hearts of many homeowners. To help you prepare, here is your 2019 Official Guide to Termite Season in Louisiana.

Termite Season in Louisiana

In Louisiana, we love our seasons (and our seasonings!). While it’s true we don’t have much of a traditional winter season, we do have Mardi Gras season, crawfish season, and gumbo season to make up for it! But with any perks come some downsides. Every year, we have to deal with hurricane season and, it turns out, termite season. Because as much as we love living in Louisiana, those termites love it too. They thrive in warm, moist environments (if that isn’t a typical Louisiana summer, we don’t know what is). Termites begin to swarm in March and keep at it through July. Louisiana homeowners need a plan in place to protect their property.  

Cost Of Termite Control

Sometimes, home ownership seems like a never-ending cycle of bills. We understand the dread of adding yet another invoice to the pile. You already have mortgages, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and probably more. But regular termite control can save you thousands of dollars in the future. It’s a situation best left to the experts and not worth cutting corners. According to a study from the LSU AgCenter, termites affect Louisiana more than any other. Here in the Bayou State, they’re capable of doing more $500 million a year in damage! That puts the cost of a pest control bill into perspective. Your home is too precious to risk.  

Termite Inspection, Treatment, and Equipment

Every termite service starts with an inspection of your home and property. Experienced professionals look for signs of termite infestations and any existing damage. Knowing what you’re up against is key to treating it effectively. Specific treatments and equipment are used to address specific termite species and infestations. If your home is all in the clear, then we want to keep that way! Regular termite control keeps your home termite-free and safe from damage.

Termite Warranty

We’re so confident in our termite control, we guarantee it with our home termite warranty. Your home insurance policy doesn’t cover termite damage. To help give you more peace of mind, enlist a yearly termite control service. It assures homeowners that live termites won’t affect your home for a full calendar year. We take that further and guarantee your home against damage up to one million dollars.

Enlist Arceneaux As Your 2019 Official Guide to Termites!  

For the past 15 years, Arceneaux Pest Management Services has been a leader in Louisiana pest control. Our thousands of customers appreciate our customer service, friendly staff, and guaranteed results. Get in touch or get a quote to see if we’re the right termite control company for you. For more insect information and termite tips, check out our 2018 Official Guide To Termite Season. Concerning termite defense in Louisiana, we’re all in this together!

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