WDIR: 6 Wood Destroying Insects in Louisiana

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WDIR: 6 Wood Destroying Insects in Louisiana

In Louisiana, you often have to get a WDIR before you can sell a house. Many people are not even sure about what that is, only that it involves termites. So, what’s actually involved and why is it so important that most Louisiana lenders demand you have it in order to be approved for a loan?

What Is A WDIR?

WDIR stands for Wood Destroying Insect Report and it is sometimes confused for a “termite certificate” by buyers and sellers alike. If you want to know how to get a termite certificate in Baton Rouge, it’s something we can help you with.

There Are 6 Species of Insects Involved In A WDIR

1. Old House Borer

This beetle’s larva makes exit holes in wood a fourth of an inch wide. They can be heard eating the wood as they make an audible clicking sound. In contrast to the name, they are not only interested in old houses. They are found in softwoods, such as pine.

2. Powder Post Beetles

These are tiny beetles that leave small ballpoint-pin sized exit holes when they leave the wood. The various species of these beetles eat hard or softwoods.

3. Carpenter Bees

Most of us have seen a carpenter bee. These large bees have hairless, shiny black abdomens. They don’t actually eat wood, but they still destroy it. The bees bore half inch holes in the wood to make a nest for their eggs. They are not usually a concern for painted or varnished woods as they have trouble biting wood that is not rough.

4. Carpenter Ants

Like the carpenter bee, carpenter ants do not eat the wood, but nest in it. They create smooth tunnels known as “galleries” and they are usually nocturnal. If you see a carpenter ant during the daytime, there are usually large numbers of them nearby and it might be time to call someone.

5. Drywood Termites

Most termite species threatening homes are ground-dwellers. But, these termites are able to live inside wood without water or ground contact. They are usually brought into a home through furniture or imported wood. They keep very small colonies and only do major damage if left untreated for several years.

6. Subterranean Termites

In Louisiana, this means Native subterranean termites and  Formosan Termites. They do hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage each year in the Louisiana, according to the LSU Ag Center. If we spot termites, you should absolutely move quickly to protect yourself and your home.

WDIR: What It Isn’t

A Wood Destroying Insect Report is not a guarantee that you do not have termites or that you cannot get them. It’s a report that there are no visible signs of any of these insects or their damage. It is important to realize that a WDIR will not protect you, insure you, or prevent insects from taking root in your home. What it will do is let you know that there are no visible signs of wood destroying insects or their damage in your home at the time of the inspection. If you’re interested, we’d love to help you.

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