Formosan Termites Swarm in Our Area

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Formosan Termites Recently Swarmed Formosan termites have been swarming big time in our area for a few weeks. The swarms have gotten more severe over the last decade as Formosan termites begin to heavily infest the Greater Baton Rouge area. We answered over 70 calls in one day. Calls came in from Ascension, East Baton […]

Baton Rouge Termites On Their Way

Formosan Termites, Termite Inspections, Termite Swarms, Termites

The Advocate does not usually report on termite or pest-related issues, so you know it must be bad when they warn, “Termites start swarming in New Orleans area, Baton Rouge could be plagued soon.” We’ve already seen evidence of termite swarms in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities, but the brunt of the swarming is yet […]

The Importance of Annual Inspections

Formosan Termites, Termite Inspections, Termites

If you want to protect your investment, allowing a professional to inspect your home on an annual basis is very important. Annual inspections do not have to be a hassle, they can be completed quickly and affordably. Today we performed an inspection for a property owner who is preparing to sell his home. This home […]

We Love Our Customers!


We love to highlight reviews from our customers! Here is one from Tom Schiebe, a self-described extremely satisfied customer. Hello, I actually don’t need an estimate. I just wanted to write to say how satisfied I am with your service. Almost a year ago I started noticing bites on my arms. They only itched a […]

The Arceneaux Difference


The Arceneaux Difference Security Security is a major part of the Arceneaux Difference–the thing that separates us from the competition. We offer a $1,000,000 guaranteed-renewable termite damage replacement warranty for homes that qualify. This warranty covers damage that may occur from Native subterranean termites, as well as Formosan termites. All of our treatments are supervised […]

Choosing the Right Company For a Home Inspection.


We are able to perform a home inspection within twenty-four hours of the request and often within the same day. We aim to demonstrate top quality service. For example: Joe Arceneaux did a real estate inspection today, April 15, and found termites. Within hours one of our┬áteam members had a shovel in the ground to […]