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If you are a member of Angie’s List, you know how important it is to hire a company with an excellent reputation. Here’s a Recent Review We Received From an Angie’s List Member: Angie’s List Member Comments: My family moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and we needed to find a pest control company […]

Cicada Sounds

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If you live near woods, you may have noticed a strange humming sound over the last few days. Don’t be alarmed–it’s just the cicada. It’s a really interesting explanation. The sound you are hearing is the mating call of Brood XXII of the Magicidadas. This brood emerges once every 13 years to mate, lay eggs, and […]

Don’t Disturb Your Termite Barrier!

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It seems like we’ve had an unusually long, cold winter this year. Almost everyone I talk to is ready for spring, and that means people will be working in their flowerbeds soon. If you are planning to do some landscaping next to your home it is important to leave your termite barrier undisturbed. These termite barriers […]

We’re a BBB Accredited Business


We are a BBB Accredited Business, with an A+ rating. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, one of the most well respected consumer review organizations in the country. This means that we have adhered to all of the best business practices suggested by the Better Business Bureau and have had few or no complaints that have […]

An Uncommon Sight


It’s unusual for us to have three days of freezing rain, sleet, or snow in a year, much less in one week. It shuts down the whole state because we aren’t used to driving on the icy roads. But that didn’t stop Carolyn from trying to keep working through the “snow” days. Check out this […]

Carolyn’s New Ride


We’re Everywhere People often tell us they see Arceneaux Pest Management Services trucks everywhere, because our trucks are easy to spot with their bright green wraps. We just finished wrapping a new truck and rigging it for service. It will be on the road Monday, driving on its way to service customers homes and get rid […]